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Am I eligible for SDA accomodation funding?

If your current housing doesn’t meet your needs, or is unsafe, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) may provide you with funding to look for housing that is more suitable.

If you look for more suitable housing, but find that you can’t live in mainstream housing because of your extreme functional impairment or very high support needs, the NDIS may fund the cost of your housing. This funding is known as Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) payments.

The NDIS will decide whether providing you with SDA payments will:

  • Assist you to maximise your independence and reach the goals in your NDIS Plan
  • Support you to participate in family, social and economic activities
  • Be good value for money for the NDIS
  • Be appropriate in light of what your family, informal networks, mainstream services and the community are able to provide.

Bellow are some helpful resources regarding SDA participation but please contact us if you require further assessment details. 

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