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The average cost of a catastrophic injury claim is estimated at $4 million but can exceed $16 million for those with greater care needs.  In 2016, the Insurance Commision of WA introduced Catastrophic Injuries Support (CIS) scheme to provide lifetime treatment, care, and support for people catastrophically injured in motor vehicle crashes in WA.  

Without the help of the ICWA many people would struggle to adapt to their new life and rehabilitate following a life-changing accident. Ebonny’s remarkable story of recovery is just one example of how impactful this funding can be on the recovery process and regaining independence.;  

Video source: Insurance Commission of WA  

The funding provided by the Insurance Commission of WA aims to enable independence, social participation, and exercising control and choice in matters that affect your life. In instances like Ebonnys, this meant home modifications.  

ICWA funded Optimal Living Therapy to support Ebonny in modifying her home so she could regain as much of the independence she had prior to her accident as possible.  

What are home modifications? 

Home modifications are changes to the structure, layout or fittings of a participant’s home so they safely access it and move around comfortably in areas they frequently use. 

In Ebonnys case we modified her bathroom and the wardrobe in her bedroom to be wheelchair accessible, as well as modifications to the kitchen to enable Ebonny to be independent in cooking.  

We appreciate the support that the Insurance Commission of Western Australia provides in helping people rehabilitate and adjust following a life-changing accident.  

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