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Under the NDIS, participants may be eligible to receive funding for specialist housing solutions that cater for their individual care needs. This housing and subsequent funding is known as Specialist Disability Accomodation (SDA) which is designed to facilitate the development of new housing for over 12,000 people with a disability. SDA (that is, the actual housing) is a funded support. As with all supports, the NDIA will assess whether SDA is reasonable and necessary for the participant to lead an ordinary life.

The NDIS has detailed policies and rules about how SDA payments work, and the process to receiving funding as part of an NDIS plan is fairly specific.

The guide below is a brief overview of the SDA funding pathway for participants:

  1. Do you have a housing goal in your NDIS plan?
    For you to be assessed for SDA funding, you must have a housing goal already written into your NDIS plan. If you do not have a housing goal, you will need to request a plan reviewto have this added. This plan review should include a request for funding (outlined below) to collate the SDA funding application
  2. Do you have funding to cover an SDA application?
    To submit an application to the NDIS for SDA funding, a support coordinator and other AHPs (allied health professionals) will need to undertake an assessment and put together a housing plan. If you do not have funding for this application, you will need to request a plan review. You may have this funding listed in your NDIS plan under capacity building supports, Exploring Housing Options Package, Exploring Your Housing Options, Investigating Your Housing Solutions, or something else.
  3. SDA application and Housing Plan is put together
    Your support coordinator and AHPs will gather evidence that SDA is reasonable and necessary and will create a Housing Plan (SDA funding application) for submission to the NDIS.
  4. NDIS reviews Housing Plan
    The NDIS will decide whether providing you with SDA payments will assist you to reach your housing (and other) goals in your NDIS plan based on the content of your application. If they decide you are eligible for SDA payments they will look for information in your Housing Plan to decide which SDA housing design category will best suit your needs.

Optimal Living Therapy can provide guidance in navigating SDA for participants and also providers. We can also provide assessments as part of your SDA application.

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