What is the referral process?

Every source of funding, whether private or public, has a different process. Get in touch with us today and we can help you through the referral process. This can include (but is not exclusive to) the NDIS (agency, plan and self managed), Insurance Commission of Western Australia (+ other state insurance bodies) and privately funded clients.

We have an NDIS referral form on our website should you wish to submit a referral that way, we will get in contact within 48 hours.

Contact us today.

What clients do you work with?

We primarily work with adults or adolescents above the age of 16, however our services such as complex home modifications and home automation are applicable to people of all ages.

We have extensive experience working with clients that have a neurological diagnosis, however we are able to provide many of our services to individuals with a range of conditions.

What are you travel and service areas?

We offer mobile (and remote) services to clients across Western Australia. Our face to face services are provided within the wider Perth Metropolitan area due to the need for frequent contact. Referrals will be assessed on a case by case basis in regard to cost of travel, and if we have a suitable clinician available to service the referral in that area.

Who are your Occupational Therapists?

Our therapists are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency (APHRA) and bring a diverse range of experience to the company . Across our team we have extensive experience in home modifications, assistive technology/equipment, home automation, SDA, sexuality and sleep and capacity building therapy in activities of daily living.

Do I need a FCA to apply for the NDIS?

We are often contacted by carers or participants wishing to access funding in the NDIS, about whether a functional capacity assessment conducted by an OT is required as part of their application.

During the assessment of your access request, the NDIS will evaluate evidence of your disability, which may be provided via assessments or reports from a health professional. A Functional Capacity Assessment is not compulsory at all.

For more information read this resource we put together. 

What is Mobile Therapy?

Optimal Living Therapy offers mobile services to our clients who live in the Perth Metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs. Coming to your home, workplace or community means we can work together in places you use or visit on a daily basis.

What education do you provide carers?

We are able to provide clinical education to formal and informal support networks of clients in relation to the services we provide, for example use of equipment, home automation, positioning and pressure care. We encourage the clients daily network to be involved in the ongoing rehabilitation process outside of our therapy sessions.

Virtual/Remote Services

How do remote/virtual assessments work?

A remote/virtual session is very similar to a face-to-face one except it will be done using a computer or mobile device. If you’ve ever used the video call feature such as FaceTime on your iPhone, you’ve already used a similar type of technology!

How long is a session?

Assessments will take a similar time as if we were completing them face to face.

What resources will I need at home to access remote/virtual services?

At the most basic level you will need a phone. Ideally, you will have an internet connection and personal computer or mobile device with audio and video capabilities.

I’m not very good with technology. Is it easy to set up?

Yes, we can use multiple different platforms depending which you are comfortable with.
Zoom is the primary platform we will use, its free, easy to download and works with devices that run on either Windows, iOS, macOS and Android operating systems. You can use an iPad, iPhone, or any other brand of tablet/smart device with audio and video capabilities. If you are more comfortable with facetime, what’s app video call or some other application, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

Does Zoom have security issues?

There have been many articles published about security issues with Zoom, many of them from competitors, or uninformed sources. We have found that it is the most user friendly platform for our clients, and have put additional security measures in place to make it as safe as it can be. However, it is still a web based platform with limitations. And so if you would prefer to use another platform please let us know. Microsoft Teams, Whats App and Face-time are alternative platforms we can use.

How much do virtual/remote services cost?

The same as a face to face session, we just don’t charge travel as there isn’t any!

Can I access remote/virtual services under my NDIS plan?

Yes, all remote/virtual services can be funded under your current NDIS plan.