We work closely with SDA participants on building capacity within your new accomodation. This enables participants to get the most out of their new home and the community around them.

We support participants who have received funding for, and are moving into their new SDA accomodation, build capacity to make the most of their built environment and community around them. Without maximising everything an SDA environment has to offer for each individual person, there are possibly missed opportunities to increase independence and build capacity.

Our SDA transition services examine the different types of assistive technology that will enable participants to make the most out of their new accessible home. This could include door automation, blind automation, voice or iPad control of lighting/heating/cooling and ceiling hoists.

We also support you and your support workers to utilise the new features of the home, and if you are transitioning care providers in your new SDA home, providing therapy support with your equipment and manual handling plans.

New accomodation also involves transition to an entirely new community, such as catching public transport or using the local shops or facilities. We support participants to build the capacity around accessing their new community.

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