We work closely with individuals to support capacity building, including the increased use of allied health assistant services to stretch a participant’s NDIS funds further, and improve outcomes for capacity building and therapy.

Having worked with us for multiple years now, Madison Di Giacomo is available in the role of Therapy Assistant as she completes her final year studying Occupational Therapy at Curtin University. Therapy Assistant services are only available under the direction and guidance of our team of Occupational Therapists, who will work closely with our clients to identify their goals and develop a therapy plan to achieve those goals.

Our Process

The therapy process when receiving support from a Therapy Assistant


Initial consultation and assessment

Our Occupational Therapist will complete an initial assessment with a client, discuss their goals and generate a program to achieve their goals

Joint Visit

If Therapy Assistant support is appropriate and of value, the Occupational Therapist will book a joint visit to review the client’s program and introduce the Therapy Assistant

Therapy Program

Our Therapy Assistant will action the program for a specified period of time

Periodical Review

Our Occupational Therapist will complete a periodical review of both the therapy program and progress with both the client and Therapy Assistant (includes tracking goals, measuring program effectiveness, and evaluating if this is the most appropriate use of the clients NDIS funding)

Reimplementation of Program

If the client’s therapy program is progressing positively and on track, our Occupational Therapist will review and reimplement the program as indicated based on goal attainment and funding requirements. Note that our Occupational Therapist needs to complete program reviews at a minimum of every 12 weeks.

Therapy Assistant services can complement direct OT therapy time by providing good value for money and therefore increase the amount of therapy support clients can access when working towards their goals. It is only in these circumstances that our Occupational Therapist would recommend and discuss using our Therapy Assistant services with a client.