We provide Home and Living Consultation (including SDA) for participants that are looking to better understand their options and explore the many facets of their Home and Living Options together. Working with clients alongside their family and support coordinator to identify which option is going to best suit them and their functional needs.

Home and living goals don’t only refer to SDA, they also support participants to stay in or modify their own home, participants looking to build their own home (whether to SDA standards or not) as well as participants seeking to move into provided SDA, transition into SIL or explore an ILO in one of the above scenarios.

The team at Optimal Living Therapy possess a unique combination of qualifications and experience across completing the functional component of housing assessments and providing evidence for all supports, as well as working with participants, their family members and support coordinators to establish and implement the best living option for them. This means we can provide expansive knowledge and support across all facets of home and living to achieve outcomes for our clients.

There are so many living options and support available, a lot of which are quite complicated. By ensuring our clients don’t pursue an assessment for SDA or SIL that’s inappropriate, build something they’re not eligible for or that’s sub optimal to what they’re eligible for, we can help clients maximise the potential of their NDIS plan and/or SDA funding. We will do exploration to better understand what our clients’ goals are, and how SDA or other home and living supports may achieve that.

SDA Home and Living Consultation is particularly important for people looking to build accommodation for themselves or on behalf of a family member and aren’t sure how the SDA price guide, design standards, building types and design categories piece together, let alone what a participant would be eligible for and benefit from. Many NDIS participants aren’t aware that if they do meet the criteria for SDA and are in a position to do so, that they can build and construct their own home and draw down payment for themself.

Optimal Therapy SDA Home and Living Consultation provides clients with an overview and background understanding they can use as a foundation to then move forward with the therapy team to provide support with other assessments.

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