Optimal Living Therapy can provide certifications for SDA properties thanks to our Accredited SDA Assessor.

If you are looking to certify a property with the NDIS as suitable for SDA compliance, the property will need to be certified from an Accredited SDA Assessor to the recently updated, SDA design standards.

Optimal Living Therapy’s founder, Lauren Hart is an Accredited SDA Assessor as a practicing Occupational Therapist and an Access Consultant.

Our work in the disability space means we have an intricate understanding of SDA requirements both from an SDA provider perspective as well as a client eligibility perspective. We often consult on design and planning for SDA properties so that they can best meet the functional needs of the intended clientele.

It is our unique combination of qualifications in Occupational Therapy, Access Consulting and SDA Consulting that enable us to not only provide certifications, but help these properties contribute to the NDIS mission of enabling choice and control for participants to maximise independent lifestyles and full inclusion in the community.

For all SDA Enquiries, please contact our dedicated SDA team directly at certifications@optimaltherapy.com.au

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