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Four high physical support SDA certified villas have been built in the northern suburb of Warwick to afford residents a new and highly accessible home, whilst offering the opportunity for an independent lifestyle. A unique concept for SDA homes in Western Australia, each villa has been specifically designed with the resident in mind. With each villa offering a different layout, the tenants moving in have the ability to customise the villa for their individual needs.

The stylish villas feature two bedrooms and bathrooms (one has three bedrooms) with easy accessibility, plenty of space for storing equipment, security features, rechargeable automated blinds, an automated front door and emergency power supply. The kitchen is accessible including cabinetry and side opening oven, exceeding the Livable Housing Design guidelines and is built with functionality front of mind. The home auto system, MyPlace, gives the resident control of lights and air conditioning via a tablet. MyPlace can also be downloaded onto phones as a mobile app, enabling the resident or their carer to control settings when they are away from the house.

The process to design, build and certify these villas was a collaborative effort between myself, Pulse Property Solutions (SDA Lifestyle Homes) and Tricrest Construction. As an LHA and SDA assessor, I worked closely with Pulse Property Solutions to ensure the villas would be suitable for the residents and meet the Liveable Housing Guidelines. The entire process has been in the pipeline for over 18 months, with the construction process taking 12 months from commencement until completion of the build.

As an added bonus to this project, three of the tenants moving in were assessed by Optimal Living Therapy Occupational Therapists for their SDA eligibility.  Our team are excited to see the residents move into their brand-new homes, and to see them thrive in their new environment. The Warwick villa development is why we are passionate about SDA, to empower people who have high support needs to enjoy an independent lifestyle in a comfortable, stylish and functional home.

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