Optimal Living Therapy can support you to access assistive technology and home automation systems to enhance your independence and change the way you interact with your home.

Assistive technology and home automation systems are a fantastic way to enhance independence and change the way you interact with your home environment.

Using a combination of internet-equipped devices, home automation technologies, and entertainment systems, smart home automation is changing the way we all interact with our home environment, regardless of our abilities. Harnessing these technologies, we are able to implement automation equipment that promotes greater independence. These can include:

  • Integration of lights, doors, blinds, gates and other home fixtures with a smart tablet or device
  • Implementation of voice commanded software or devices
  • Integration of one touch automated systems

We also work closely with you and your family or carers until you feel comfortable using the technology on a daily basis, and liaise with installers and technicians if there is ever a problem.

We have a network of suppliers and installers who are experienced in providing home automation for people with disabilities and can work with us to help achieve your goals.

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