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There are a number of ways you can use your NDIS funding to purchase assistive technology (AT) to help you with your functioning in day-to-day activities. How you purchase AT will depend on whether your plan is self-managed, NDIS managed, or plan managed. For more information on purchasing AT, read our article here.

Whether you require the support of an occupational therapist to access AT depends on the risk and cost of that item. The NDIS has outlined what items are low risk and high risk in this table: 

Source: NDIS

As occupational therapists, we tend to provide AT support mostly in the high-risk category as these items require clinical expertise to be prescribed safely, and more often than not, the NDIS require an AT application to fund these items. 

Many of our clients still seek our advice for low-cost items, such as where to install their grab rails, to measure up their ramp or which supplier may have the item they are looking for. We are very happy to provide support with which low-cost items to access, you just won’t need us to complete an assistive technology form. 

If you have any questions about assistive technology, contact us today.

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