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Assistive Technology

Assessing Assistive Technology Needs: A Comprehensive Process

By April 16, 2024No Comments

In today’s world, assistive technology has become a cornerstone in supporting individuals to live independently and engage fully in everyday life. It ranges from simple devices like adaptive cutlery to complex systems such as powered wheelchairs, catering to diverse needs and enhancing daily functioning. Determining the right assistive technology is not just about providing equipment; it’s about facilitating independence, supporting goals and aspirations, and in many cases is essential to function and well-being in daily life.

Assessing an individual for their assistive technology needs is a nuanced process. The assessment begins with conversation with the client and their key supports to identify aspirations and challenges. OT’s then conduct a thorough evaluation of the person’s abilities, environment, and tasks they find challenging. As every person’s needs are unique, this process is deeply personalised.

Finding the perfect match in assistive technology is akin to solving a complex puzzle; it requires patience and an exploratory mindset. Trial periods play a critical role, offering real-world feedback and helping to refine selections. From trialling communication devices to testing mobility aids, participants shape their decisions based on experience, function, and comfort.

But the journey does not end with the handover of technology. Successful implementation necessitates training and support, ensuring clients and their supporters are comfortable and competent with the new technology at their disposal. Regular follow-ups are essential to check in on progress, troubleshoot issues, and adjust as necessary.
As individuals evolve and technology advances, ongoing collaboration and reassessment become integral to ensure that assistive solutions continue aligning with changing needs and preferences. Embracing adaptability ensures AT continues to evolve with the person’s goals and needs.

Optimal Living Therapy strives to provide assessments and support regarding assistive technology that promotes independence, safety and compliments your rehabilitation journey. If you need help finding suitable equipment that helps make your daily tasks easier, call us on (08) 6117 4266 or email us at

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