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Buying assistive technology: self-managed

When you self-manage you can purchase low cost/low risk assistive technology (AT) for yourself if you feel confident to do so.  You engage directly with a supplier to choose what AT you wish to buy.

You are not limited to NDIS registered providers, rather you can use any AT provider. Once you have picked what you want, you pay the invoice and submit a claim to the NDIS.

Buying assistive technology: plan managed

When you work with a plan manager, they take care of the low cost/low risk AT purchasing process on your behalf. The steps include:

  • Assisting with general advice on possible low cost AT providers both registered or non registered. 
  • After you select the provider you wish you purchase from, you, your OT, support coordinator can request an invoice for the required low cost AT to be sent to your plan manager

Buying assistive technology: NDIS managed

You can elect to have the NDIS manage your purchase of low cost/low risk AT. Your occupational therapist, local area coordinator or support coordinator will assist you in accessing a NDIS registered AT provider.

Once you have decided on the low cost AT you are needing to purchase, the NDIS registered supplier, will log a service booking directly with NDIS to claim the funding required. Once funding is confirmed, the items will be delivered to you. 

Depending on what low cost/low risk assistive technology you are seeking, the way your low-cost funds are managed may be best set up in a certain way. When seeing clients for a functional capacity assessment, or initial assessment we can provide advice regarding this. We consider this to be an important way we can use our NDIS AT knowledge to support our clients to access the AT they need, in the most efficient way possible. 

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