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Assistive technology helps people with disabilities to live safely and independently in their own home. 

Defined by the World Health Organisation assistive technology is ‘any device or system that allows individuals to perform tasks they would otherwise be unable to do or increases the ease and safety with which tasks can be performed’.

Offering solutions from the simple to the complex, assistive technology can make everyday tasks safer and easier. 

For daily living

To support daily living activities, you can gain access to items such as dressing aids, modified cutlery and a kettle tipper, through to software that helps you to work on your computer, or an Alexa, or Google Home to help you control everyday items in your home. 

For personal hygiene

For some individuals, it is not safe for them to the shower, or use the toilet alone. However, a standard shower chair or over toilet frame may offer you the assistance and independence to do so; or a custom scripted commode might be the solution you require. 

For increased mobility

Assistive technology can be installed throughout your home to assist with functional transfers, such as grab rails, threshold ramps, floor or ceiling hoists and slings. In addition, power and manual wheelchair assessment and provisions, and modification of vehicles for travel can further enable you to remain mobile.

For seating and positioning

Every individual wishes to be comfortable in their own home. To support this, you can use wheelchair seating systems, profiling beds, pressure cushions and mattresses, and positioning belts and braces.

For recreational activities

A number of assistive technology items can be utilised to enable greater independence for you when at home, and away from home. Some examples include adaptive controls for video games, seating systems for boats, bikes and lawn mowers and cuffs to assist with grasping.

There is a wide variety of assistive technology available to you to improve your everyday life. 

Want to know more? Contact our team and we would happy to help you obtain the assistive technology for your needs.

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