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Earlier this year, National Disability Services (NDS) released its seven priorities for disability services in 2021. These priorities were established to support over 400,000 West Australians with disabilities, building a sustainable disability sector and meeting needs throughout the community.

The seven priorities include:

  • Nominating a Minister for Disability Services and fund the 10-year State Disability System
  • Maintaining a fit for purpose Office of Disability
  • Invest in a Strong Disability Workforce and Quality Support Services
  • Guarantee good education, training and jobs
  • Roll out disability housing
  • Build accessible communities
  • Great health and justice outcomes

NDS has done great work in identifying the appropriate priorities for the sector. The shortages in the disability workforce and lack of disability housing, which is a dire problem worsened by the current rental crisis, are issues we see impacting our clients and their families every day. 

We are pleased to see NDS continuing to take action to support the disability sector in Western Australia. In what has been a challenging transition between our state based system, to the NDIS and with the proposed changes to the NDIS legislation, the advocacy of NDS in the sector is more important than ever. Read more here.

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