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This week we are celebrating Occupational Therapy Week and World Occupational Therapy day. It is a celebration of the many ways occupational therapists help all people to reach their potential and engage in activities they find meaningful. Occupational Therapists support individuals across a wide range of disciplines and who have a wide range of abilities.

The theme of Occupational Therapy Week 2020 is Rebuild, Recover, Reengage. This reflects the many challenges that have faced our communities over 2020 and is a call to arms to support those who have been hardest hit. In a lot of ways, this year has challenged the progress of the occupational therapy industry and has opened up new ways to deliver important services to people who aren’t able to travel or see you in person. These advancements supported by technology are just the start of how the occupational therapy industry can continue supporting individuals from different areas all over Australia.

In light of occupational therapy week we asked our team to reflect on why they love being an occupational therapist and what they love about their work:

Why do you love being an occupational therapist?

Being able to engage with such a diverse range of people and companies all working to serve the same purpose. – Lauren

Being an advocate for my clients and helping them meet their goals. I really value being able to develop strong partnerships with my clients and helping them to problem solve issues they are experiencing. – Therese

OT’s are the gap fillers of the allied health world! If a situation or person doesn’t fall into its designated box the OT’s are called in. We are advocates, confidants and problem solvers. We empower, enrich and educate our clients. To be so implicitly trusted and able to positively impact someone’s life is a truly humbling experience. – Kylie

I love working with different people every day, on different journeys and who have different goals. Every client has a different story. This means I am always learning, always have a chance to be creative and most importantly make a real difference in peoples lives. – Bec

The best part about being an OT is getting to know people, getting to know what makes them tick, finding out together what it is they are wanting to do and what it is that’s getting in the way (sometimes it’s not as obvious as we may first think) – and problem solving solutions. Sometimes the solutions may be reframing how challenges are viewed – sometimes a different way of working – sometimes a nifty gadget does the job. I LOVE the detective work and collaboration involved in working out what may help. – Narelle

I love working with and learning from different people including clients, their families, and other professionals, supporting people to achieve their goals. – Lisa

I enjoying empowering people to live the life that they want to live and letting them be who they want to be. I also love problem solving. – Christie

I love the diversity of people, places and cultures I have been fortunate to work with as an OT. Whether building a corner chair with cardboard cartons and flour paste glue in a remote community in Timor, or programming a complex power chair in Perth, enabling individuals to live with dignity and empowerment makes for a unique and special career. – Julia

I love meeting new people and being able to provide, support and advocate their needs to the best of my ability. I enjoy helping people and being able to see their progression and see the positive impact our input has on someone is ultimately rewarding. – Tyler

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