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Home assessment and home modification is a key area of Occupational Therapy practice. With the population ageing and people wanting to remain in their home for as long as possible, having you and your home assessed by an Occupational Therapist is one of the most effective ways to maximise your safety and function within your home.

Not only is this assessment and intervention incredibly beneficial for you, but it provides a ripple effect of benefits to your family, your medical care and in a greater sense the health economy.

Top 5 benefits you could experience from having a home assessment and modifications

  1. Increased independence, health and freedom in your home
  2. Reduced fear of falls and actual falls, leading to less deterioration in health and function
  3. Improved quality of life and sense of normalcy by remaining in your own home
  4. Reduced worry and concern about your safety and well being for your family
  5. Reduced health care costs as a result of reduced:
    • Falls
    • GP visits
    • Hospital admissions
    • Need for formal and informal care at home
    • Need for residential care sooner rather than later

For more information on the vast benefits of home assessment/modifications and the landscape for this in Perth, see below link to current research in the area:

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