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Optimal Living Therapy has been preparing to deliver virtual assessments for a number of months to further support individuals across remote areas of Western Australia who do not have access, or have limited access to registered NDIS service providers. This process has involved adapting our processes, developing resources, researching virtual platforms and working with a number of our stakeholders to ensure continued high quality service can be delivered remotely.

This meant that we were very prepared to move to virtual assessments only during the Coronavirus outbreak and will continue offering virtual services to clients across Western Australia. We will continue to evolve this service in the hope that many more people living in rural and remote regions have access to therapy in their home.

For clients that have not completed a virtual session or assessment with us yet, we have put together an overview of what you can expect when working with us remotely.

Prior to the assessment:

  • Prior to the assessment, our therapists will have reviewed and synthesised any relevant reports or supplementary information you have provided
  • We will also have checked with the participant and/or relevant support person that a suitable virtual method has been identified and set up
  • Please check that all media ie. Camera where relevant and audio are working without issues. We will check in with you prior to the assessment so that any troubleshooting of technical equipment can be rectified. 

During the assessment:

  • Your therapist will introduce themselves, explain the role and purpose of the meeting  
  • Your therapist will ask you questions to gather information required 
  • Your therapist may request that you demonstrate how functional transfers are completed such as in and out of the shower.  
  • Your therapist may ask you or your support person to take a video of the house, starting at the front door moving through to bathroom/ toilet/ living room/ bedroom and kitchen. 
  • Your therapist may request photos and measurements of specific areas within your home such as the height of the step at the front door or width of shower entry. We can provide videos on how to take specific measurements. 

Finalising the assessment:

  • Towards the end of the meeting, your therapist will summarise key areas of difficulty or unmet needs identified and discuss possible solutions or recommendations for this  
  • Your therapist may discuss with you the need to speak with other key supports in your life such as primary support worker or family member. 
  • Following the initial meeting, your therapist will liaise with any relevant persons. 

Finalising the report:

  • Once all information is gathered, the therapist will commence report writing which will be ready within  2-4 weeks.  
  • Once the report is finalised and submitted to NDIS the therapist will discuss with the participant and their support network a plan to action recommendations, particularly areas of priority that can be practically commenced as a virtual service .

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