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An increasing number of Australian homeowners are installing electric lifts in their homes for as little as $30,000.

Although people challenged with mobility issues were once the only homeowners who had lifts, there is a steady increase in demand for a variety of reasons. A feature which was uncommon and even laughable just 15 years ago is becoming commonplace in many new and exisiting homes. 

Convenience and longevity is one of the main reasons people now decide to install lifts when building a home. Other factors include:

–  affordability; with lifts less than half the price of what they cost years ago
–  an ageing population;  who would like to stay in their homes even when the stairs become difficult and unsafe
– skyrocketing property prices;  which force people to build up instead of out

Residential lifts are becoming so popular that many architects and builders now keep them in mind for their multiple storey homes or are making provisions so that the owners can easily and affordably install them later. We are also seeing homeowners install lifts in existing properties for family members and friends who have mobility difficulties.

As Livable Housing and Universal Design consultants we are entirely behind this industry shift as lifts remove the critical access issues a 2 storey home created in the past.

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