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The degree of recovery you can get after a brain injury is strongly influenced by the success of your rehabilitation. There are many different factors that are involved with your brain’s ability to heal itself, however, there are things you can control that will help maximise recovery.

For those with a brain injury, rehabilitation can be a challenging time, however finding reasons to smile each day is a factor in staying healthy and positive. Research shows that our attitude can have a strong influence on the brain’s ability to heal itself. Celebrate your achievements and try and see you rehab as a time to grow and develop.

Support Network
Your support network can help to positively impact your rehabilitation. Your family, friends, therapist and even support groups play a vital role in your recovery. Reach out to those who can make you feel understood and help discuss solutions to problems. Be open and let them know how they can support you.

Individual practice
Your recovery depends on how much you put in. While you shouldn’t overdo it and tire yourself out, a steady consistent approach to your rehabilitation makes a big difference in the long run. Make sure you focus on your abilities and strengths when you set goals for your rehabilitation.

After a brain injury, your need for structure and routine becomes increasingly important as it allows your brain to rest and save its energy. Diet and sleep are crucial to recovery and should be built into your routine to ensure you stay as healthy as you can.

The key to a successful recovery from a traumatic brain injury will often be due to all of these areas we have covered. Our Senior Therapists have extensive experience in brain injury rehabilitation and have been working alongside clients in cognitive rehabilitation for years, helping them progress in their rehabilitation with confidence and success. Get in touch with us today or find out more about how we can assist in your brain injury rehabilitation.

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