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Optimal Living Therapy is creating opportunities for everyone to live a connected and fulfilling life. We want to create a future where we can all connect in community spaces, thrive in our own homes and live amazing lives full of opportunities.

All this starts with our choices today.

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Optimal Living Therapy discovers and creates opportunities for everyone to live a fulfilling and connected life through occupational therapy rehabilitation services and access consulting services. We enable individuals who have had a change in health that may have impacted their ability to live autonomously in their home. Our occupational therapists are experienced in cognitive rehabilitation, advice and education on building access, liveable housing and home modifications in Perth, Western Australia.

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Optimal Living Therapy offers a range of services that create possibilities and support for people to act without limitations by challenging the speed of progress and shedding light on the possibilities for change. We are registered NDIS providers and are highly experienced occupational therapists and access consultants.

Occupational Therapy

We are a team of experienced Occupational Therapists who can provide rehabilitation and home modification services to individuals who want to set and achieve goals and interact with their environment better. We are registered NDIS providers and our therapists are all registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency (AHPRA).

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With extensive experience in Cognitive and Spinal Cord Rehabilitation, we work with individuals from a range of age groups, abilities and injury stages to set and achieve goals whilst connecting with their community. We are a highly experienced team that prefers to work with our clients at their home, workplace or community where they feel comfortable.

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Home Modifications

If you or a loved one has recently had a change in health conditions that requires changes to make your home more accessible, then our team of Occupational Therapists can assist in ensuring your home facilitates you to continue living autonomously and comfortably. Home modifications are structural changes to your home and can range from assistive rails to bathroom remodelling, without compromising aesthetic.

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Access Consulting

As occupational therapists and access consultants we have a unique insight into how people with varying access needs interact with their built environment. By using this knowledge we can audit or appraise buildings, streetscapes, parking bays, reserves, recreational facilities, shopping precincts and many other spaces to ensure they are accessible by everyone - regardless of their abilities.

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Livable Housing

Livable and adaptable housing design involves the inclusion of simple features that make homes easier and safer to use for all participants - regardless of their abilities. As Livable Housing Assessors we can provide a range of services that ensure your home is Livable Housing Certified and accessible for everyone for many years to come.

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Specialist Disability Accomodation (SDA)

As Livable Housing Assessors and Occupational Therapists who work closely with the NDIS, we can provide assistance and guidance when it comes to planning, designing and executing the build of a home that is suitable for those who need a specialist housing solution. Ensure your project meets SDA certification.

We see only possibilities and support people to act without limitations - by challenging the speed of progress and shedding light on the possibilities for change.

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