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Zahli is an Occupational Therapy Assistant who facilitates therapy sessions created by Occupational Therapists to assist clients. As a therapy assistant, Zahli provides an affordable option for clients who may benefit from more regular sessions. Through her work in OT, Zahli has developed a growing curiosity about individual experiences and a passion to assist people where she can.

Get to know Zahli:

What is your job role in the company?

As an Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) my role is to facilitate sessions created by the Occupational Therapist with clients. *Therapy assistants, such as myself, provide clients with the potential for an affordable avenue if they were to benefit from more regular sessions.*

 Why did you choose to study  Occupational Therapy?

I have always had an interest in human health and sport growing up, however, some personal experiences in my life showed me the value of having a balanced lifestyle and autonomy in what I do. I chose to study Occupational Therapy because I get to use my career to help empower others to achieve their goals within their homes and communities and support them in developing the capacity to have as much choice and control as possible in creating their own balanced lifestyles.

What is the best part of OT you’ve experienced thus far?

The best part of OT I’ve experienced thus far is its impact on my view of the world and made me more aware that my experience of the world is not the same as the person next to me. Due to this, I have developed a growing curiosity about every individual’s experiences and a passion for assisting people where I can through OT.