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Sam Palmer recently graduated as an Occupational Therapist from Edith Cowan University and has joined the team at Optimal Living Therapy to support our clients in the Great Southern region.

Sam started her career at Midland Hospital, where she worked in general medicine and surgical wards, looking after both private and public patients. She wanted to be able to build better relationships with patients and provide more continuity of care, so made the decision to start her work as an OT with Optimal Living Therapy.

Get to know Sam:

What do you most enjoy about Occupational Therapy?

It’s pretty hard to lose your passion for this job. I enjoy the diversity that OT provides, I am constantly learning new things and the role is always changing, it never gets stale! I am very passionate about home modifications and improving someone’s overall quality of life and the environment they live in, so it would be great to do more of that and really help people feel more comfortable in their own homes.

Why did you join the team at Optimal?

The team here are so great and offer so much flexibility, and the role I’m stepping into is so exciting. My family are from the country, so I’m looking forward to heading to the Great Southern region in January. I am really passionate about promoting equal access to healthcare for people in rural and remote communities, I have seen first hand the impact it can have on someone who doesn’t have access, so it’s always been a goal to work out there and help those people.