SDA Essentials

SDA: Our trifecta of experience

The Optimal Therapy team brings a trifecta of unique experience and qualifications to SDA and Livable Housing projects that guarantees the best outcome for all parties involved, especially the prospective tenants.

It is our unique combination of qualifications in Occupational Therapy, Livable Housing and Access Consulting that enable us to not only provide certifications, but help these properties contribute to the NDIS mission of enabling choice and control for participants to maximise independent lifestyles and full inclusion in the community.

Occupational Therapists – registered NDIS providers
Our team are first and foremost Senior Occupational Therapists working with clients who have a wide range of disabilities. Our work with these clients means we understand how they interact with built environments around them and therefore we can provide context to our assessments and work. We are also registered NDIS providers and therefore work closely with the National Disability Insurance Agency on matters pertaining to the initiatives.

Livable Housing Assessors
Our Senior Team are certified Livable Housing assessors. Our proprietor, Lauren Hart has been a certified assessor since October 2016 and has completed a range of plan and built assessments for Livable Housing compliance. Since the emergence of the SDA in relation to Livable Housing, we have completed multiple compliance audits and assessments that have enabled organisations to meet SDA requirements.

Complex Home Modifications– registered NDIS providers
We are registered NDIS providers for complex home modifications and our Senior Occupational Therapists have had a lot of experience providing services to clients that require modifications to their homes to facilitate their changing mobility requirements. From kitchen and bathroom renovations, to widening doorways and access points, we work closely with builders and tenants to create spaces that allow them to be more independent in their own homes.


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