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Emily Bruining has had roles at both ends of the life span, including early intervention and pain management in residential aged care. However, much of her career so far has been in a team supporting children and young people with complex pain, fatigue and rheumatological conditions.

Emily’s qualifications:

  • Masters of Occupational Therapy (Curtin)
  • Bachelor of Laws (UWA)
  • Bachelor of Musical Arts (UWA)

Get to know Emily:

Why did you choose a career in the Occupational Therapy industry?

I started down the path of occupational therapy because I wanted to help people in a health discipline that didn’t involve too much blood! What I found was an incredibly unique discipline. Unlike many other disciplines, occupational therapy comes from a place of assuming that the environment around a person is the “issue”, not the person themselves. It assumes that every person has strengths and plans and things they just want to get on with doing! Despite the range of experiences I have had so far in my career, this philosophy has underpinned it all.

What is the best part of your job?

The variety, the complexity, and the great honour of getting to know people.