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Defying the ageing process

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Want to defy the ageing process? We’ve got the secret (hint…. it’s not a secret) it’s keeping physically active.

Research has proven that the four aspects of fitness (stamina, strength, skill and suppleness) are the key to managing chronic conditions, reducing pain and maintaining optimal strength and balance. It’s no coincidence that older people who are fit, walk farther and fall less. It’s because strength and balance are the keys to maintaining your mobility and remaining upright. Additionally, the evidence is pointing towards these four areas directly linking with improved cognitive ability and reduced risk of dementia.

Societies predominant outlook is that exercise is only for the young, and that the older you get the more ‘rest’ you should have. This outlook is one that needs to change drastically if you want to keep your body and mind active for the duration of your life.

Now we aren’t suggesting at the age of 50, 60 or 70 you take up an intensive weights program in the gym or compete in an iron man. We are suggesting you simply complete 150 minutes (minimum) of ANY physical activity that makes you slightly out of breath per week.

That’s 21 minutes and 43 seconds per day to significantly reduce your risk of care dependency as you age. Worth it? We think so.

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