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Why is Access Important?

We provide specialist consulting services and solutions that enable communities to be built so they are accessible by everyone, regardless of their abilities.

Why is Access important?

When building and designing community spaces, it is important to consider how the space is accessed by everyone, regardless of their abilities. Approximately one in five (four million) people in Australia have specific access requirements, a number that is only rising with the number of people aged 65 and over increasing dramatically. 6% of our Australian population have a severe or profound disability and 12% of our population act as as carers for those with a disability.

With such a significant number of people affected in some way or another by disability, being able to interact with, and access the build environment in our communities is important for a number of reasons that can include:

  • Reduced social isolation of people with a disability, their families and carers
  • Increased mental and physical health outcomes
  • Higher business patronage
  • Increased employment participation
  • No need to modify the space over time
  • Eliminates potential cost of later modifications
  • Reduced risk of complaints or discrimination claims
  • Facilitating equal opportunities increases public perception of space

An inclusive and accessible future is not about modifying spaces for those with a disability or access need, it is about designing homes and community spaces that every body can enjoy – regardless of their abilities. If we are proactive, instead of reactive, with our planning, design choices and the options we are given, we can change the Australian Landscape for everyone.

Access consulting services

As occupational therapists AND access consultants we have a unique insight into the world of how people with varying access needs interact with the built environment. We offer a range of services and work closely with a number of groups to ensure we are creating accessible spaces for everyone.

Our Access Consulting Services

Community Facilities

Parks, leisure centres, schools, childcare facilities, aged care, hospitals, common community spaces.

Workplaces and Commercial

Mixed use commercial spaces, retail spaces, workplaces, offices, commercial developments.


Residential developments, accomodation, homes, multi-unit homes, aged care developments.


Transport sites including rail, airports, ferries and other transport facilities.

We see only possibilities and support people to act without limitations - by challenging the speed of progress and shedding light on the possibilities for change.

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