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Therese Sullivan is an Occupational Therapist with a passion for community-based rehabilitation. Having graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, Therese has built up experience in the tertiary hospital setting.

Working as a Senior Occupational Therapist, Therese has developed skills in working with people who present a range of diagnosis. She also has experience working in Neurological rehabilitation and Home visiting as well as work-related injury management.

Therese’s qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science (Occupational Therapy)
  • AHPRA registered Occupational Therapist
  • FIM accredited 2018
  • Registered Livable Housing Australia Design Guideline Assessor


Get to know Therese:

Why did you choose a career in the Occupational Therapy industry?

I grew up dancing classical ballet and through my dancing career was exposed to soft tissue OT’s who assisted us with muscle recovery and injury management. This led me to studying OT however once I began the course, I was exposed to the many opportunities available. The variety and diversity in the OT profession is what appealed to me.

What is the best part of your job?

Being an advocate for my clients and helping them meet their goals. I really value being able to develop strong partnerships with my clients and helping them to problem solve issues they are experiencing.

I also enjoy learning the intricacies of the NDIS and educating and upskilling clients so they can understand aspects that pertain to OT related needs and how we can support them to navigate these processes.