Julia Salmon has worked as an occupational therapist all over the world, focusing on how occupational therapy practices vary across communities and discovering new and innovative ways to provide support. 

Julia set up a training program for community-based rehabilitation in Timor, Papua Niugini and Fiji that created more inclusion and also educated the support network of individuals with disabilities to provide care in creative and practical ways. 

Julia’s qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (BScOT) from Leicester University
  • FIM Accredited 2019
  • AHPRA registered Occupational Therapist

Get to know Julia:

Why did you choose a career in the Occupational Therapy industry?

I wanted to do something in the medical industry but I wasn’t necessarily interested in medicine. I had met an occupational therapist and I thought to myself, ‘oh man that looks like fun’. They were specialising in aged care but they were taking a holistic approach when assisting their clients that was outside of just physical rehabilitation – and that really inspired me.

What is the best part of your job?

Being creative is definitely the best part of my job – knowing you don’t need the latest and greatest equipment to make a difference. I also love educating family members and supporting them to provide care. Even with little intervention from professionals, you can make a real difference if you include the people around the individual to continue therapy in between sessions.